Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Public Speaking in Adelaide

I have often trumpeted that Toastmasters is one of the best ways to improve your public speaking skills. I have been a member of Adelaide Toastmasters club for over 7 years and have gained an enormous amount from my time with the club.

Adelaide Toastmasters is part of Toastmasters District 73, and is one of the strongest performing clubs in the District. At the recent South Australian State championship of Public Speaking (see article on page 12 of link), 3 members of Adelaide Toastmasters took out first place in 3 of the four competitions. You can read a full run down of the clubs success by reading the article "Adelaide Toastmasters Club wins 3 Division Titles".

Adelaide Toastmasters has had a number of members make it big in the Toastmasters District 73 world. Most notable is the late Chris Thomas. Chris was a master evaluator and won the Toastmasters District 73 Evaluation contest 3 years in a row. This feat has never been matched. Austin Nevis, the immediate past President has come a credible second at the District Humerous Speaking competition for the last 2 years. This shows consistency. I (Darren Fleming) have also managed to walk away with a title as well. I am the current Table Topics Champion.

I originally joined Adelaide Toastmasters as I was looking for a way to improve my public speaking in Adelaide. Little did I know that the skills that I gained would help me set up my own public speaking business, teaching public speaking courses right around Australia. I have set up the blogs Australia's Public Speaking Coach and Australian Public Speaking Courses to help share secrets that I have gained through Toastmasters.

So, I encourage you, if you are in Adelaide Australia and want to join a Toastmasters club, come along to Adelaide Toastmasters and see what we can offer you.

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Darren Fleming

Australia's public speaking coach


Public Speaking said...

I did a toastmasters course at age 16. I was petrfied beforehand. Since completing the course I have never looked back. I am always happy to get up and speak in public and have a lot more confidence from doing that course all those years ago. Recommend it.

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